Shoney’s Expands to Pinson County, Alabama – Shoney's Franchise

Shoney’s Expands to Pinson County, Alabama


The Trussville Tribune, in Alabama, reports that excitement is in the air now that Pinson County has authorized Shoney’s to build a location in Trussville. Mayor Hoyt Sanders had been working hard to bring Shoney’s to Pinson county and the council voted to approve the move on Thursday February 1.


“This is a major thing for us,” Councilor Dawn Tanner commented at the meeting. “I think it’s wonderful.”


The resolution was met with universal approval from not only the council but from the people attending the meeting. Of the comments from the public, one came from Pinson resident Jean Marie who said, “I’m just ready for hot fudge cake.”


Residents and leaders alike are hopeful the new addition will boost local revenue and bring in additional jobs to Pinson County.


Mayor Sanders estimates the new Shoney’s will generate $80,000 to $100,000 in municipal sales tax. He said that the city proposes to issue a limited obligation sales tax warrant not to exceed $500,000 for ten years. The building will cost around $1.6 million with all of the requirements such as sanitation and grease traps.


Frank Hall, of Hallmark Hospitality Group helping to develop the new location, said, “I think you guys are going to be proud of it. I think that we’re going to bring you a restaurant that you’re going to be proud of.”


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