Shoney’s Is “America’s Favorite Dinner Table” – Shoney's Franchise

Shoney’s Is “America’s Favorite Dinner Table”


Food Newsfeed recently wrote up a piece about our journey as a restaurant, and as a family, and all of us here at Shoney’s couldn’t be more thrilled to share it.


Detailing the high’s and low’s of our progress since the 1970’s, Food Newsfeed timelines our history up until the present day as we open in more states and launch new styles of restaurants.


“Although the mascot has changed over the years and individual locations continue to be modernized, Davoudpour says the heart of Shoney’s is still on the dinner table. He prides himself on his chain’s fresh, quality food served for a fair price. He says that value differentiates his restaurant from the competition.


“Serving fresh chicken, fresh burgers, fresh vegetables, it’s not an easy task,” Davoudpour says.


“There are some restaurants that it isn’t feasible for, but Shoney’s is a brand that has served breakfast, lunch, and dinner forever, always fresh.”


In addition to their fresh food, Shoney’s offers fresh-squeezed orange juice, a wide-ranging coffee bar, and in some of the newer models, a full bar. The new concepts have a focus on a comforting atmosphere for a meal with cleanliness being a priority. There’s a full window open to the kitchen, and Davoudpour swears by every restaurant’s presentation, from the booths to the bathrooms.”


Read everything Food Newsfeed had to say about Shoney’s and let us know what your favorite Shoney’s memory is too!